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Online Training Program
First Quality® and Penn College® have partnered to offer online CEU Programs that are available to First Quality® customers and noncustomers. The programs are also available in a classroom setting for those who prefer one-on-one training.
CEU Credits

About Penn College...

Pennsylvania College of Technology Pennsylvania College of Technology became an affiliate of The Pennsylvania State University in 1989, after establishing a national reputation for education supporting workforce development, first as a technical institute and later as a community college.

Today, Penn College® is a special mission affiliate of Penn State, committed to applied technology education.

Penn College® attracts the second-highest enrollment in the Penn State system; over 6,500 students are enrolled in associate- and bachelor-degree programs relating to more than 100 different career areas.
Programs Offered...

Continence Management - (Applicable to all Staff)

Course Description: This presentation discusses the physiological process of urination and the types of incontinence, the assessment and promotion of urinary continence, the selection of incontinence products, and the proper product application.


Cost vs. Quality - (Applicable for Nursing Management & Administrators)

Course Description: This presentation discusses the components of a continence management program and reviews the cost containment of quality products versus lower quality products. This presentation is designed to help organize incontinent procedures in Long Term Care, concentrating on resident screening, proper choices of continence products, and staff education. Specific examples of cost savings realized by organizing an incontinent program will be discussed.

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GOJO Clean Hands: A 30-Day Program to Lasting Improvement
As a professional responsible for hand hygiene compliance, you know the statistics on healthcare associated infections (HAIs). You’ve seen firsthand the impact HAIs have on patients, your peer healthcare workers (HCWs), and your facility. You understand that proper hand hygiene is a fundamental practice of any healthcare organization, and the single most important action to help reduce the spread of infection.

Today, there is more pressure than ever to produce results in building and maintaining compliance with hand hygiene standards. However, traditional approaches to education and hand hygiene promotion yield poor results with compliance rates averaging 40% across various clinical studies.1 Changing behavior is difficult and usually occurs gradually over time. Healthcare facilities are complex environments with many hand hygiene opportunities. Brief training sessions that touch on hand hygiene often don’t address the importance of the right technique, new pathogens, and advice of how to overcome obstacles to good hand hygiene.
Clean Hands Program

GOJO Clean Hands was developed to help you educate your facility on hand hygiene best practices, while promoting behavior change through self-assessment and improvement planning. GOJO Clean Hands is a self-administered online education program with four primary learning objectives:

Review the fundamentals, challenges, and best practices of good hand hygiene
Perform self-assessment against hand hygiene guidelines
Define individual improvement areas
Incorporate hand hygiene improvements into daily practice

As HCWs move through the program, they receive friendly email reminders and hand hygiene tips to help them achieve their improvement goals. The tips and reminders are specific to the hand hygiene moments the HCW has chosen to improve. Participants can track their progress through the program and see changes in individual self-assessment and quiz scores on the site dashboard. Each HCW who finishes the program gets a certificate acknowledging their commitment to improved hand hygiene.

GOJO Clean Hands is a flexible tool that you can use in many ways depending on your facility’s needs.

Action plan in response to an outbreak or cluster of infections
Annual training or competency program
New employee orientation
Tier on a clinical ladder
Behavior modifying intervention for non-compliance
Risk assessment tool to determine strengths and weaknesses in your hand hygiene program

1Boyce JM, Pittet D. Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee and the HICPAC/SHEA/APIC/ISDA Hand Hygiene Task Force. Guideline for hand hygiene in health-care settings. MMWR 2002;51:22. Available at

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