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Banner of ceiling examples that Artifical Sky has to offer. "Bring the Outdoors In"

A Must Have For All Offices And Hospitals To Reduce Stress And Anxiety!

What is Artificial Sky?
Artificial Sky manufacturers life-size illusions of nature that portrays realistic, natural environments capable of improving patient outcomes by creating a healing environment that triggers the relaxation responses in the human body.

Artificial Sky, a service-disabled veteran owned small business (SDVOSB). We are the world’s leading supplier of "Positive Distraction"aides and creator of the world’s first Virtual Sky. Artificial Sky is scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety, reduce pain, lower blood pressure, re-direct negative thought and even recalibrate the human circadian system.

What's the benefit of Artificial Sky?
Healing Art & Ceiling Art helps keep a healthcare facility from looking "medical" and "sterile". Patients who view realistic images of nature benefit by decreased need for pain medication, lower blood pressure, reduced stress and a positive perception of their healthcare experience. Research suggests that healing art may ultimately decrease the length of hospital stays, thereby reducing costs.

In our experience, additional benefits include increased positive staff perception, which improves job satisfaction and retention. Enhanced visitor and patient perception can only enhance satisfaction scores given after discharge, which will help hospital reimbursements. After patients and visitors leave, ceiling art can contribute to good word of mouth for a hospital as social sharing occurs.

Ceiling art provides conversation openers for staff and patients, and helps alleviate stress. In the patient room healing art elevates the patient’s outlook as he or she recovers. In waiting areas and corridors, beautiful LED skylights add ambience and become icons to visitors that the hospital truly cares about patient well-being. Ceiling art in staff areas is a positive factor in recruiting employees, enhancing job satisfaction and increasing retention of good people. Buoyant employees provide better care for patients.

Our Range Of Products:
Acoustic Ceiling Tiles by Artificial Sky which are perfect for hospitals and offices. Acoustic Ceiling Tiles –These tile are not Transparent and DO NOT LIGHT UP!
Individual Panel Sizes: 2’x2’, 2’x4’, 4’x4’
LED Skylights by Artificial Sky which are perfect for hospitals and offices. LED Skylights - Using exclusive imagery, daylight quality LED panels, custom light lens & skylight window to add depth perception, an illusion of nature is created.
Example of Virual Sky by Artificial Sky which are perfect for hospitals and offices. Virtual Sky - Using advanced LED technology, a patented foil and proprietary software, Virtual Sky creates a blue sky with passing clouds, birds flying, sunrise, etc. No size limitations! The Virtual Sky has 2 Lighting Modes via remote controller: 11,000+ Lumen , 6500K dimmable white task lighting & blue sky w/ moving clouds (cloud speed adjustable). Watch an Example Here
Static artificial windows by Artificial Sky which are perfect for hospitals and offices. Artificial Windows (Static) - LED Backlit Digital Wall Murals produce strong visual effects, easily attracting the eyesight of an audience. We specialize in LARGER sizes ranging from 4ft x 8ft to 6ft x 18ft shown here! Any size available, custom layouts can be done!
Waiting room interactive tables by Artificial Sky are perfect for hospitals and offices. Waiting Room Interactive Tables - Product named "TIMS"(Touchscreen Interactive Media Systems) Available in 22" and 42" Touchscreens (Larger sizes available) Several design options available (Please request brochure for table options) 500GB of storage preloaded with hundreds of games, movies, educational videos, etc. Bluetooth/Wi-Fi with parental controls, Sound, Response Time 4.5ms

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Contact Information:
For more information on Artifical Sky please contact...

Connetquot West Inc.
Noah Lam

Connetquot West in a Nationally Certified Women Owned and Minority Owned Business Enterprise. Connetquot West is also certified with New York State and Empire State Diversity.