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The Features of
My Account Profile Features
How to Create and Order from a Shopping Lists
Using Advanced Search
Add Quantities to RFQ (Request for Quote)
Order Approval Management (For Shoppers Designated a Managers Only)

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Features of (1) 1. Log-On to Order, Access Pricing, or Review Your Account

2. Live Chat Online with Customer Service

3. Browse by Manufacturer

4. Search for items by Item Code, Category, Description. Advanced Search available for specific search criteria.

5. View Your Shopping Cart, or any Shopping Lists. From your Account, you can Update Your Account Information (Password or Email), Retrieve & Print Invoices, Open Orders, Quotes & Purchase History

6. Review items by Category Sections

7. Place orders quickly with your Buying History List or by Item Code with your Quick Order Pad

8. Sign up for Our Newsletter to receive articles, specials, and product announcements.
Features of (2)

My Account Profile Feature
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My Account Profile Features Logon Information /
Personal Information:

Update your email address
or password.

Recent Orders: View orders
recently placed orders
within the 7 days. After the
order has been invoiced,
they will appear in the
Invoice section under My
Account Reports.

My Lists: Order from your
Buying History, Shopping
Lists, or Create a New List.

My Account Reports

  Invoices: View and Print Invoices. Click Submit to view all invoices, or search by date, Invoice Number, Purchase Order, or Order
Open Orders: View a listing and print a report for any open orders.
Open A/R: View and print all Un-remitted invoices.
Purchase History: View Items Order totals within a specified date range (Example: 1/1/2009 to 12/31/2009)
Open Quotes: Click Submit to view all view all Open Quotes, or search by Quote Number, Date, or Purchase Order Number.
Suspended Orders: View any orders that need Management Approval.

How to Create and Order from a Shopping List Top of Page
Shopping Lists can be created for frequently or regularly ordered items. They can also be made based on your customized price lists.

After logging in, go to My Accounts or Shopping Lists:
Shopping Lists 1

Each online account will have a Buying History List, which may be reviewed by clicking the SUBMIT button. Click on Create a New List to create your own list.
Shopping Lists 2

Enter a name for your new shopping list and then click Submit.
Shopping Lists 3

You will be taken to a new screen. At this point, you will need to add items.
Shopping Lists 4

You may add items by searching for items on the website, or you may use the Quick Order Pad. Enter in Item Codes and click ADD TO CART:
Shopping Lists 5

You will be brought to your Shopping Cart Details screen. To add all the items to your created list, click ADD TO LIST or check off the desired items in the Add to List column. Then click ADD TO LIST.
Shopping Lists 6

Select the desired existing Shopping List and Click SUBMIT.
Shopping Lists 7

From Your Shopping Lists, update the Quantity, and, or check off the items you wish to add to your cart. ADD LIST TO CART, adds all of the Shopping List items into your cart (you may also update and remove items in your Shopping Cart section. ADD CHECK TO CART adds the checked items into your Shopping Cart.
Shopping Lists 8

You will be taking to your Shopping Cart. From here, you may remove items, update quantities. Then click CHECKOUT to begin processing your order.
Shopping Lists 9

Using Advanced Search Top of Page
Instructions for using multiple search criterias (Item Code, Description, and, or Manufacturer)
Using Advanced Search

Add Quantities to RFQ (Request for Quote) Top of Page
Instructions for Price Quote Requests

Order Approval Management (For Shoppers Designated as Managers Only) Top of Page
Instructions for designated Managers Verifying Orders

After an order has been placed by the Purchaser, an Order Confirmation Screen will show:
“Thank you for your order. This order is on hold pending a manager's approval and will expire after 30 days."
Order Approval Management 1

An email is sent for their records. It will also inform them the Order is Suspended:
Order Approval Management 2

An email is generated to the Manager notifying that there is an “order that is suspended and awaiting approval on This order will expire after 30 days.” To approve the order, there are two options:

One, Click on the provided link, log on, and follow the instructions on the screen.
Order Approval Management 3

Or Log-In to Your Account, and Click to view your Suspended Orders which is found on Your Welcome Page & Your Account Profile Area:
Order Approval Management 4
Order Approval Management 5

Enter Web Reference # or PO Number or Click Submit (As Is):
Order Approval Management 6

Click on the Web Reference Number to Check on the Details of the Order.
Order Approval Management 7

Verifying the Shopping Cart details, then click the Checkout Button.
Order Approval Management 8

Verify or Update the Shipping Information.
Order Approval Management 9

Verify or Update the PO Number or Payment Information. Click Checkout.
Order Approval Management 10

Confirm by clicking Submit Order.
Order Approval Management 11

An Order Confirmation will be shown on screen, and an Email Confirmation will be sent to the Manager and original purchaser from
Order Approval Management 12
Order Approval Management 13

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Tel: 1-866-588-3888